A New Dimension in Wearable Technology

The most powerful platform for biomagnetic sensing.

We’re building wearable sensors that can detect biomagnetic fields generated by neural activity and are designed to operate in real-world conditions.
With these sensors, we can access a rich set of data at a previously unprecedented scale, capturing the clearest picture yet of our bodies, health, feelings, and even our thoughts.

See how Sonera brings neural data into your devices and experiences.

Human-computer Interaction
Develop a new class of human-computer interfaces for gesture control in augmented realities, intelligent prosthetics, and biometric systems.
Health & Fitness
Develop more advanced health and fitness trackers for the average consumer, elite athletes and patient population.
Next-generation Wearables
Develop products for quantifying user experiences, creating personalized mental health treatments, and identifying novel biomarkers for neurodegenerative disorders.

The S1

A breakthrough chip for sensing muscle activity.
Dream Specs for Wearable Sensors
We’re developing the S1 with a focus on specs that matter for wearable devices.
Contact Free
Lightweight & Tiny
Low Power

Contact Free

The S1 operates without the need for direct contact to the skin, making it easy to integrate into wearables that need to be weather, sweat and sleeve-proof for people on the go.

Tiny & Lightweight

With its chip-scale size and low weight, the S1 has a profile that fits seamlessly into any wearable you can imagine building.

Lightweight & Tiny

With a crazy small form factor, the S1 has a profile that fits into any wearable you can imagine building.

Low Power.
Low Cost.

Built on modern semiconductor processes, the S1 can be produced at a scale and price-point that is perfect for consumer wearables.

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